Buns.life is a lifestyle brand now.

Today: Fake currency.
Soon: Everything. Everything.

Winter 2021: Buncoin

A currency that is useless

Bitcoin is dead. It neither became a viable medium of exchange nor a viable store of value. Instead, just a tulip-like speculative asset with enormous volatility. In response, we offer Buncoin. It is neither a store of value nor a medium of exchange, nor is it even a speculative asset. It is a pure simulacrum of both and neither. You can buy one for $5 (price may fluctuate due to caprice). You will receive nothing, other than the receipt from your purchase. You can, however, make as many images of buncoins as you want at Buns.life. Buns.life issues buncoins by updating an integer in a database. A limited, but secret, number of buncoins have been issued.

Fall 2020: Sandwich Monist Hard Enamel Pin

Show off your belief that everything is a sandwich with this numbered, limited-edition pin.

Seriously, the edition is extremely limited, so buy one (or three) now.